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About the Puppy Register
If you are wanting a Labrador Puppy please ensure you read the information available on “The Labrador Retriever” page. You can download both the leaflets.

All breeders with puppies on this register are bona fide members of The Three Ridings Labrador Club and have been for at least 12 months.
All puppy’s parents have a current eye certificate and have had their hips x rayed and scored, the significance of this being explained in the information leaflets
Please note that that the club cannot accept any responsibility regarding the actual purchase of a puppy. This is a matter between you and the breeder. We simply tell you where there are puppies available and give you advice to study prior to deciding to purchase. It is up to the breeder to give you information about feeding and rearing the puppy.

Puppy Register
Name     Telephone           Area      Puppies Born Puppies Available
Ian Dawson 07508 548234 Harrogate 25 Dec 2018 6 yellow & black dogs

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