Field Trial Results 2022 / 2023

23rd & 24th September. Emblehope & Burngrange Estate. Tarset, Hexham. NE48 1RX

           24 dog Open Qualifying Stake.  By Kind Permission of The Kennel Club.

Judges.              Mr G. Lowe. (A) 2696.              Mr G. Coupar (A) 2525

                           Mr P. Stogden ( B )                   Mr J. Murphey (B)

 FT Sec. Report 

The Three Ridings Labrador Club two day Open Field Trial held at Emblehope, Northumberland, on 23 and 24th September 2022, was a very enjoyable success. The club wishes to thank the following.
Our host, The Kennel Club and in particular Raymond and Anne Holt for their commitment 24/7 in the professional running of the estate, and the event.
Our sponsors Roger Skinners, Dog Food.
Those many club members who supported the event by entering and the final 24 who competed. Many travelled a long way to compete in “Big Sky Country” and found it true that – When it’s tough, the tough really do have to get going! You did so without complaint and with great sportsmanship.
Our Judges, Glyn Coupar, Godfrey Lowe, Jim Murphy and Paul Stogden. The ground, the high standard of dogs and handlers all required your full concentration, and you delivered. You were all great company during the trial and evenings.
The clubs working committee who pulled it all together and in particular Hannah Bramhall, Paul Deighton, Steve Cox and Mollie Lord who travelled north to help on the ground.
The Guns had never before shot on a Field Trial and were given a true Baptism of Fire, we could not have got a result without your commitment, determination, and a lot of lead!
Award Winners
1st Simon Capstick. Running Drakeshead Casey.
2nd Allie Hogsbjerg. Hollowgate Red Grouse of Rufriver
3rd Ronnie Laughton. FTC. Wytonruss Finnigan
Guns Choice of best Dog. Drakeshead Casey
COMs John Halsted. Emmanygan Summer. Keith Broomfied. FTC. Lowtrey Klay of Ticefield.
Drakeshead Casey qualified as Simons second Field Trial Champion and they will represent 3Rs at the IGL Retriever Championship. The club feels we are well represented and wishes them every good fortune. Those who received awards at Emblehope have every reason be proud of their dog’s performance, and to those who did not have such good luck – we look forward to receiving your entries for 2023!
Alan J Lord. FT Secretary. Three Ridings Labrador Club.
(photos – From Left to right. Ronnie Lawton, 3rd place. Keith Broomfield, COM. John Halsted, COM. Godfrey Lowe, Judge. Ali Hogsbjerg, 2nd. Jim Murphy, Judge. Paul Stogden, Judge. Simon Capstick, Winner. Glyn Coupar, Judge. Alan Lord, Chief Steward. Raymond Holt, Steward of the Beat and Head Gamekeeper. Also Simon Capstick with trophies for first place and guns choice.)

         5th November. Woodnook, Wentworth Park. Wentworth. Rotherham. S62 7TF.

            12 dog Novice Stake. By Kind permission of The Wentworth Park Shoot.

 Judges.              Mr D. Haycock. ( A) 2624             Mrs S. Hales Lowe (B) 3173

                           Mrs E. Parish ( NP5010)                       Mr S. Probert ( NP4006)


FT Sec Report. 

Three Ridings Labrador Club held a 12 dog Novice Field Trial at Wentworth Park, South Yorkshire on Saturday 5th November.
At 05.30 that morning I remembered the mud needed washing from my wellies and stood at the kitchen sink reflecting back on the Covid times, the shortage of imported game and now the need to remind competitors of the on line information and their personal responsibilities for the control of Avian Influenza. This is the new norm!
Chris Flintoft, Head Keeper of the Wentworth Park Shoot was most efficient and professional in organising and providing Bio Security for the event and had to delegate the job of Steward of the Beat to Stan – We were in safe hands.
The club has no record of having held a driven trial before but members came forward to volunteer to mark down and carry game. Judges Dave Haycock, Sue Hales Lowe, Eden Parish and Steve Probert had no difficulty in providing accurate marks for a wide mix of competitors. The supply of game was plentiful, but presenting it to the guns from unseasonably heavy cover and a still heavy leaf canopy was difficult. When a request for volunteers was made members immediately came forward to help bolster the beating line and after 3 drives we finished the trial with one bird to spare!
Always good to have guns that can put game down and the team led by committee member Brent Booth did a great job and joined in the event with interest. We ran in dry comfortable conditions and when thanks were given to our host, sponsor’s, helpers, guns and judges the forecast rain made a poor attempt and failed to spoil a great days sport
1st Finefields Goose, owned and handled by Simon Capstick
2nd Stauntonvale Cheetah of Cockle Creek. Owned by David Wall, handled by Nathan Laffy
3rd Isle of Man Gypsy. Owned and handled by Steve Townsend.
Guns Choice Sorrelcott Nabraska of Brynambor. Owned and run by Chris Gore, running in his first retriever trial. He now knows how far it is from Hampshire to Gods County!