Working Test Results 2022

Sunday 23 July 2022 – Open & Novice Working Tests at Aske Hall.
The penultimate Working Test of 2022 was held on 23 July at Aske Hall by kind permission of The Earl of Ronaldshay. Aske Hall with it’s rolling parkland, lake and woodland, provides a fantastic venue for a competition, the club is very lucky to hold an event in these grounds and the club thanks the land owner and his staff for making the ground available to us.
The club also thanks the judges John Lees, Martin Abbott, Eden Parish and Paul Wright and helpers/dummy throwers for giving up their time without whom these competitions could not run. Lastly thanks to the sponsor Skinners, the winner of each class receiving a voucher in addition to the annual and keepsake trophies.
The results are as follows:
after a two dogs run off for 1st & 2nd place and a two dog run off for 3rd & 4th place.
1st – Sonja Ludwig with Smithsteads Lyra
2nd – Andy Brook with Tullyah Hugo
3rd – Anne Dunne with Zander Nightwalker
4th – Jane Bell – Haybank Connie
COM – Laura Carleton – Anningtonbay Evening Star
after a two dog run off for 2nd & 3rd place
1st Claire Carvis with Tarnedge Condore
2nd Claire Carvis with Tarnedge Jaina
3rd Sheila Tait with Priesthill Easter
4th Matthew Gould with Mitforton Tout De Suite of Hawkerline
COMs – Patricia Prior with Willowcinder Kielder
Rebecca Thistle with Cardueae Yealands
Patricia Prior with Birkswater Ravenglen
October 2nd 2022 Working Test @ Naburn, York.
The club has enjoyed a very successful schedule of Static Working Tests this year with 30 Open and 30 Novice dogs competing at most events. Our August event was cancelled due to very high temperatures and we were delighted when the owner of the ground, Graham Atkinson, invited us to run in October. A Walked Up test in Sugar Beet proved demanding, but Judges Keith Eastwood, Steve Probert and Andy Curtis, did a fine job running the test as a Field Trial.
A former club President, the late Mr John Jewitt previously farmed here and its traditional to meet at “ Johns Barns. “ It was a special privilege to have Mrs Cynthia Jewitt present the awards including the Naburn Trophy donated by John to be awarded to the winning Open dog at the event. 28 dogs competed and the award winners were.
1st Jane Bell with Hayabank Connie
2nd Darren Thompson with Hawksgarth Carbonado
3rd Dave Houghton with Kenaiteen Marvel
4th Karen Burgess with Irwellspring Amelia.
COMs Brent Booth with Stunner Booth, Bill Lambell with Eiderbay Ribble, Jane Sampson with Etomanni Pawnee at Jassparta.
There followed a Novice Test of a further 28dogs and the award winners were-
1st Jake Tyrie with Hurststrath Heather Bell, 2nd Charlotte Brown with Maplecrest Elfin
3rd Sam Little with Molesbreath Grace
COMs Gwen Finch with Ploughmans Teal and Andrew Sharp with Gibbot Enchanterous.
The traditional but sincere thanks were given to our host, judges, helpers and sponsors Roger Skinner Dog Food. The one huge regret of the day was that our Open Trial overran significantly leaving not enough time to give Novice dogs and handlers the competition we would have liked.
We thank all competitors who were very understanding of this. Future Walk Up events will not be so ambitious.