Working Results 2020

Novice & Puppy Working Tests – Cawood  Sunday 4th October 2020

The Club had a great if somewhat interesting day at Cawood yesterday.
We would like to thank our hosts Mr & Mrs Mark Wilson for kindly allowing us to use their training ground and facilities.
Our thanks also go to judges Richard King, Andrew Baker, Steve Probert and Mark himself who set 4 diverse static tests, the dummy throwers Kira, Bob, Steve and Liz. Hannah did a fantastic job co-ordinating the entries and keeping everyone informed prior to the day, Mollie as Covid- 19 Officer did a great job checking everyone on the day and making sure the event was Covid safe, not forgetting Alan who kept everyone in order whilst keeping an eye on the water level.
The day was a tale of two halves, following strict Covid guidelines the tests were run with 20 competitors in the morning and 20 in the afternoon. The morning started bright and the ground although damp was fine, keeping an eye on the height of the river, all groups of 5 completed the 4 elements and as the last group finished the water followed them across the field.
The officials and judges with everything crossed watched as the field flooded, luckily the water level subsided enough to continue the competition in the afternoon.
Unfortunately the excess water in the pond meant the water test could not be replicated in the afternoon for the remaining dogs and an alternative test was run. As a consequence the scores for test 1 were deemed null and void and have not been included in the final score, these scores are highlighted in blue.
The total points available for the Novice Class were 100 and the Puppy Class 60.
1st Anne Symon- Midnight Islay
2nd Simon Capstick -Gunnerspeg Apollo.
3rd Louise Franklin – Stonefall Teal.
4th Andrew Coates – Annsfarm Woodland Sprite of Weldrake
1st Brent Booth – Stunner Booth
2nd Patrica Prior – Birkswater Ravenglen
3rd Mollie Lord – Gunnerspeg Artemus
4th Gwen Finch – Ploughmans Teal
Congratulations to all in the awards and a final thanks to all the competitors who supported the club, we hope you enjoyed the day.


Three Ridings Labrador Club. Open Field Trial at Checkley Wood Shoot December 7th 2020
Tier three travel restrictions generated a lot of work for the club and disappointment for members who could not run. The club however received tremendous support from Judges and many others. Checkley Wood Shoot had prepared well and everyone was greeted at the gates and C19 preventions explained and individuals were registered and temperature checked before being presented with a cup of coffee and a bacon sandwich – outdoors.         A heated Marquee with tables and chairs available for Judges and Guns resulted in no one needing to go into the manager’s cabin with only one person allowed in the toilet equipped with hand wash. The clubs own C19 prevention protocol dovetailed with the shoots.
Judges John Yarwood, Allie Hogsbjerg, Michael Jones and Judith White displayed their experience and that produced a smooth flowing trial. This was complemented by a team of 5 Guns captained by Gary McCarthy who, on this superb ground produced a steady flow of game. Our thanks to the guns for their generosity in paying to shoot for us.                           The results were as follows.
1st       David Latham running Meadowlark Big Rock.
2nd      Kirsty Cousins, running Westerkames Righne of Brogdenview
3rd       Clare Baker, running Arcklebear Caribou
COMs  Lesley Crompton, running Hanwoodgold Breeze
Jason Mayhew, running Berrryshot Widgeon
Guns Choice     Clare Baker and Arcklebear Caribou.

Five awards in a 12 dog stake reflects the high quality of dogs and the standards of handling in this lovely trial held in dry weather with everyone in high spirits to be back out trialling again
Our thanks to Checkley Wood Shoot and sponsors Roger Skinner Ltd, Orvis of Harrogate, and Gundog Gear.