Working Results 2019

Results for Working Test at Rosedale on 23rd March 2019

Left to right Andy Brook COM, Brian Dodsworth COM. Simon Capstic  1st. Grant Wilson COM. 
22 dogs entered on a very challenging and technical layout. Wonderful Spring weather at one of our most beautiful venues, enjoyed by all with hopes for our return events.

Training Day for Novice and Puppy. Saturday April 6 at Studley Royal.


The Spa Gill event was very well supported with 25 memebers attending. Good to see them standing to attention for a photo but on the day all were very relaxed and enjoyed a very special ground with a great diversity of work available for dogs and handlers.

Puppy and Novice Working Test, held at Skipster Hagg Farm, Kirkbymoorside, 25/05/2019

This event was held by the kind invitation of Mrs Anne Procope, in memory of her late husband Mr Fred Procope a former member and good friend of the club. A total of 33 dogs were entered.

Results are—

Novice. 1stPaul Hasney, Tattney Arizona.  
2ndAndy Coates Annsfarm Woodland Spirit of Wheldrake.  
3rdPhil Smithies Patnovac Julia.
4thBecky Thistle Cardueae Quercto. COMs to Brent Booth, Linda Barrett,
Andy Brook.

Puppy.  1stSandra Ellis Cuckavalda Black Bean,
2ndAndy Brook Ingdalehowl Annie Power,
3rdLowcrag Isobella of Mosstick

The Novice tests included a 4 station safari plus a formal walk up to 3 rounds.

Puppies ran a 4 station safari plus an invitation practice walk up.

Mrs Anne Procope presented the awards. Wonderful Spring weather, good ground, solid judging and great camaraderie ended a day of good sport, held in a rather special place and enjoyed by all.

Thanks were expressed, and need to be repeated here, to Mrs Procope for her hospitality and generosity, our Judges and helpers on the day and our committee for their work in producing the event.

 Last word from Mrs Anne Procope- Fred would have been delighted to know how much the club has grown and progressed!  The club has been invited to run on the ground in 2020. 

All images by Mollie Lord.
These and more can be purchased via her website


Burghley House Country Fair on 26th & 27th May 2019. 

Three Ridings Labrador Club were invited to run a 3 dog team at The
Burghley House Country Fair on 26th & 27th May 2019. 
This prestigious Working Test was superbly organised by the Lincolnshire
Gundog Society and contested by 15 teams.
Helen Burnie (left) Andy Brook ( centre ) and Alan Penny ( right )
represented the club and put in a great performance to take 5th place. My
thanks to them for representing the club so well. This seasons club caps are
available on the website!

The club will be entering the Chatsworth Country Fair, Team Gundog Working
Test on August 31st and September 1st 2019. The team has been nominated but
anyone wishing to be on the reserve list should contact me on 01765 620 421.

We are now in the middle of our summer season. Membership has passed the 500
mark and our training and competition events are being supported more
strongly than ever. Much talk on the committee grapevine about new venues
and events for 2020. Our one area of concern is getting enough people to
throw dummies. Our sport is very lucky to have judges who give their time
freely. It is embarrassing not to have helpers. If everyone who is fit
enough just gave half a day’s help we can plan and run more events for all
levels. If it does not happen we will have to start reducing the number of
events. It’s up to the members to display what you want!

3Rs has been invited by the Wensleydale Agricultural Society to run two
Gundog Scurry’s at the Wensleydale Show on August 24th 2019. Last year this
event was very successful and great fun. Anyone who would like to help on
the day will get free entry and time to take a look around one of the best
and most genuine Agricultural shows in the north. If you can help contact me
on the number above.

Alan J Lord
FT Secretary.

Three Ridings Labrador Club Working Test at Zetland Estate, Richmond, June 16th2019.

Our Judges, John Lees, Margaret Pearce, Eden Parish and Bob Bowes were tasked with setting four static tests. In the morning Novice dogs and Novice Handlers were run together with Novice dogs. The clubs request to Judges was to build the confidence of the NDNH but set novice retrieves that ensured the winning dog was worthy of going through to Open Status. Our request was not just achieved but produced an event enjoyed by all. Lunch was taken in sunshine, reflecting on a good mornings sport.

The Earl Ronaldshay invited the club to run in the classic English Parkland surrounding Aske Hall. The club took every advantage of this kind and generous invitation and ran a total of 62 dogs. Members and guests also enjoyed classic English Summer weather! and were treated to a cloudburst as the last 6 dogs were running. Not even that dampened the spirits of 3Rs!

Club President John Jackson presented prizes to:
Novice Dog/ Novice Handler
1stHannah Bramhall.  Swain Karak.    
2ndMathew Jenkinson.  Bachwood Balloo.
3rdZoe Woolcock.   Hawksworth Storming Norman.  
4thLiz Robinson.   Pazanne Spruce of Mosswick

1stIan Palmer.  Whiterig Zeus.           
2ndBrent Booth.     Levondale Redhead.
3rdSteve Probert.     Hawksridge Bellissima.

The afternoon event included 32 Open dogs with experienced handlers tested on technically demanding retrieves. Crossing the lake for a blind on an island proved very difficult but competitors enjoyed the challenging retrieves and concluded they were all achievable. Again the judging team performed to the clubs request to set tests that would extend Open Dogs and Handlers to the full.

Open Dog results
1stMike Nelson.  Turpingreen Curry.              
2ndShamanthi Shanker. Baronsbridge Trojan Exult.
3rdSheila Tait.   Byland Bonnie                                    
4thPenny Marriner.  Dark Cloud of the Skye
COMs to Charlotte Brown. Ian Palmer, and Brian Dodsworth.

The club presented small trophy’s to the winner of each class together with a bag of dog food from our sponsors Roger Skinners Ltd, to whom we extend our thanks.
All the winners thanked the host, judges and committee for producing the event.
Open winner, Mike Nelson gave an excellent address in thanking all, and made particular attention to thank those who had given up the opportunity to run their own dogs in order to throw dummies so that others could compete. Perhaps something we should all consider.

A great ending to a classic English Sunday held in good company, enjoying great sport on  Zetland Estate to whom we say Thank you for generosity.       AJL

For images from this event click here


Three Ridings Labrador Club Informal Working Test for Puppy, Novice and Open dogs. Held at Allerton Park, Knaresborough, July7th2019.

The club has enjoyed a very successful series of spring and summer events and ran an informal test to encourage newcomers to the sport and provide the maximum number of retrieves for regular competitors. 
Lord Edward Mowbray, owner of the Allerton Park Estate gave permission to run and Head Keeper Paul Curry was a huge help with arrangements.
35 dogs enjoyed a wide variety of retrieves in a mature gravel pit that included superb retrieves across water. Paul Stogden, Steve Probert and Alan Lord judged, with club members again turning out in force to help with dummy throwing.

For more images from this event click here

All images by Mollie Lord.
These and more can be purchased via her website

Puppy– 1st Jane Duffy. 2ndJane Duffy. 3rdLiz Robinson.
Novice– 1stIan Facey. 2ndMarie Bowes. 3rdJane Botteril. 4thLouise Franklin.
Open– 1stSheila Tate. 2ndRichard Cawthray. 3rdRoger Kilty.  4thMartin Abbott.

Great weather, great venue, great atmosphere. Worthy winners scored, Puppy 59 ex 60, Novice 60, Open 54. 

Novice winner Ian Facey gave a speech from the heart when he said he had never won anything in his life before. Ian ran as a guest of the club, filled in his membership entry form at lunchtime and has entered the clubs next event at Escrick Grange on 18thAugust. Welcome to 3Rs Ian!

12 Dog Novice Field Trial at Thimbleby Hall, North Yorkshire.
October 9th 2019.

Right to left. Julie Campbell, Sue Lowe, Greig Patterson, Andrea Shelly. Mike Nelson,
Paul Wright, Glyn Coupar, Jim Murphy and Alan Lord.

 Thimbleby Hall is the home of Andrew and Andrea Shelley. Both keen sports whose enthusiasm for game shooting was only exceeded by their generosity in offering the club a Field Trial.

Head Keeper Dave Dickenson managed the day as Steward of the Beat with total confidence and competence as well as providing the Guns. Anthony Dowson, Lewis Bottomley, Steven Must, Bruce Adlington, Danny Young and Ian Buckingham. The full trial was conducted as a walk up.

Judges, Glyn Coupar, Sue Lowe were teamed with None Panel Judges, Julie Campbell and Jim Murphey. They soon became aware that signing the Game Certificate was not going to be a problem as the guns provided a steady stream of 1st round retrieves that included Grouse, Snipe, Partridge, Rabbit and Pheasant.

As Steward, it was a pleasure to just watch. Game was accurately despatched, marked, and communicated to the judges. Everyone realised that this was going to be an outstanding day. The crack in the line amongst the guns was hilarious.

The trial was held on moorland which across the county this year has suffered the ravages of Heather Beetle, with a big impact on Grouse shooting. A nice breeze and sunny sky gave competitors from around the UK, some fine views across the moor and into the valleys. Beautiful ground that was tough and demanding on dogs and handlers. To make it into the 4th round and get the fifth retrieve required novice dogs with real ability, and judges rightly took some time in discussion to reach their decision.

First. Todalens Halladale of Sudforth, handler Paul Wright.  Second. Avonstream Aixinha, handler Greig Patterson.  Third and guns choice, Turpingreen Curry, handler Mike Nelson.

Mrs Andrea Shelley travelled back from London that morning to present the prizes. A panel judge Glyn Coupar addressed the full field of competitors, helpers and judges who stayed to hear Glyn complement the guns and thank Mrs Shelly for hosting a wonderful trial.

Alan J Lord

FT Sec. Three Ridings Labrador Club.

Report on 3Rs All Age Field Trial. Wykeham 24/10/2019.

Downe Estates kindly invited the club to run a 16 dog stake, and to qualify Dogs needed to have previously won an award in a Field Trial. The event attracted 41 entries with 3 owners entering two dogs. At this busy time of year for Field Trials, many reserves were called and those owners who had 2 dogs entered generously gave up their second dog to give other members the oportunity to run.
Only days before the trial both the A and B Panal Judges had to withdraw. Phil Wagland and Jenifer Hay steped forward. Two old friends of this club who teamed with Non Panel judges Keith Eastwood and Andy Curtis.
Headkeeper Mat Steadman acted as Steward of the Beat and showed a variety of ground including Maize, 2 year old fodder beet, Woodland, rivers and ponds all of which produced a steady supply of game.
Judges were complementary about the standard of dogs. Guns shot and marked well resulting in the trial not concluding untill 4.00pm

In the final announcements Viscount and Lady Downe were thanked for their kind and generous invitation, and Mat Steadman exteded that generosity by inviting competitors to take a gift home from the Game Cart.

Results were- 1 Paul Stogden with Routengill Apolo. 2 Daniel Marx with Lockthorne Fake. 3 Glyn Coupar with Glenmorasie Gold. 4 Glyn Sykes with Liverycroft Frisco Tornado.
COMs to Sue Lowe with Lowsommer Seven Seas of Rhye and Russ Hodgen with Roselea Zara.

Photo left to right. Alan Lord, Jenifer Hay, Glyn Sykes, Paul Stogden, Keith Eastwood, Daniel Marx, Andy Curtis, Russ Hogden, Phil Wagland, Glyn Coupar, Sue Lowe.

All images by Mollie Lord.
These and more can be purchased via her website


Two Day Open Field Trial 1 & 2 November 2019 held at Checkley Wood Shoot by kind permission of Mr Ivor Beavis

Thank you to our judges, David Latham, Kevin Doughy, John Yarwood and Andy Latham.
Thanks also to our sponsors Roger Skinners Ltd and Orvis of Harrogate and to all who helped make the competition run smoothly.
1st (3 Handled Old Field Cup) & Guns Choice (Philip Scotton Memorial Trophy) plus Crystal Labrador – Mark Demaine with Burrendale Fergie of Caytonfell
2nd (Wighill Cup) – Laura Hill with Stauntonvale Moose Milk
3rd (Old Field Cup) – David Field with FTCh Artisryn Ulrich
4th Daniel S Marx with Lochthorn Ziva
COM Birgitta Staflund Wiberg Drumgoose Klinkhammer
COM Geraldine Thompson Dan Howth
Best Hunting Dog (Brentwing Perpetual Trophy) – Philip Dyson
1st – 3rd received keepsake engraved silver salvers