Working Results 2017

Results of The Three Ridings Labrador Club, Novice Working Test Held at Skipster Hagg Farm, Kirkbymoorside. May 21st 2107.

Judges.  Sue Lowe, Will Hales, Julie Campbell.

Three static, but demanding tests were set for the morning, to give dogs and handlers both seen and blind retrieves in rough pasture land. Despite judge’s positive, but demanding sets, some very high scores were achieved. A few dogs did however score zero on one or more tests so our judges responded by thinking outside the box!

All dogs who had run clear were taken through to a four dog walk up, and presented with a marked retrieve with a shot, and a blind that was only marked by gunshot. Both retrieves were at distances that would normally be expected of Open class dogs. Dogs and some nervous competitors just raised their game. The top six dogs being separated by only one point each!

The panel Judge & WT Sec disappeared to sort out paperwork and verify results, whilst two judges remained to provide a walked up training session for those dogs who had been eliminated after the static retrieves. Everyone had plenty of work thanks to the ingenuity of our judges. Thanks a million to the Lincolnshire team who support us so loyally each year.

1st Garrenwell Capri.   Daryl Boldy
2nd Julval Sweetpea. Irene Andearson.
3rd Levendale Redhead. Brent Booth
4th Garrenwell Colarado. Daryl Boldy.
Dallagill Martha. Jane Duffy.
Rubies Teazel. Peter Harrison.


HIGHLIGHTS for the WT Sec!

Having plenty of support from Dummy throwers—sincere thanks, hope to see you again! Meeting new members and guests in an expanding club.                                                                                                                               Being made so welcome by Anne Procope who invites us to run this event in memory of her late husband Fred, and was kind enough to present prizes and, generous enough to invite the club to run again in 2018. Most appropriate that the weather was as good as the event!

Alan J Lord.

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July 9th  Bolton Abbey. Novice 24 dog Working Test.


l-r Alan Lord (FT Sec), John Halstead (judge), Simon Capstick with Drakeshaed Casey (winner), Brendon Kelly , Wayne Mitchell and Paul Stogden (judges)


Report on Rosedale & Westerdale AV Working Test for Open dogs. 23rd July 2017.

What an unusual event this proved to be! A week before the event saw over 40 entries from England Ireland, Scotland and Sweden, on the day we ran 34 dogs with all those countries represented.

Fantastic ground, the use of, given by owner Mr David Ross. An intended nine am departure was delayed because at that time, we had less than 30 dogs on the attendance register. Members are reminded to be punctual, please.

The North Yorks Moors gamekeepers have formed NYM Moorland Organisation which does a fantastic job of promoting and protecting the sport of Grouse shooting. Their activities range from work with schools through to the protection of red listed species that inhabit the uplands. Members are encouraged to visit We did not hold a raffle for club funds but hope that when you visit NYMMO you will want to make a donation to them.

Judges Phil Highfield, & Mick Newsam are both A panel and invited their non panel judges, Alan Brentnall and Andrew Curtis to “ send” the dogs. A panel judges stood back to mentor non panels and ensured accuracy of scores. Not an easy task given the standard of both handling and dogs. Not surprisingly the first two rounds were not completed until 2.00pm!

14 dogs went forward to round three and all retrieves were over 150 yards through bracken, heather and rushes. One competitor commented that this was not novice stuff! A true understatement.

Final result         1st Shami Shanker running Fenhart Opal of Barronsbridge.
2nd Jim Murphey with Eiderbay Malin.
3rd Anna Liljeros ( Sweden) Lakedown Dabbler.
4th Dave Latham running Brae Andy of Nettle of Fendawood

If you enjoyed this event as much as I did then do visit www. and tell them so!


Results of the 12 Dog, Novice Field Trial. Held at Wyton Partridges. 30th September 2017.

The trial was massively oversubscribed with 98 entries and few withdrawals.
Judges were Sara Coomber Smith (a)   John Day (b) Geff Dobb (b) Tom Sagar (np) our thanks were expressed for their support and work on the day.
The ground is fairly flat and we ran in Sugar beet walking up for the first two field then a mock drive produced some challenging retrieves.
Only two dogs went forward to the second round which was not a fair reflection on the quality of some of the novice dogs entered. Overnight rain gave poor scenting conditions and several dogs were eliminated when they failed to pick and judges went forward to pick the birds themselves.
Peter Smith, running Sunshine Flyer of Lilac, and Adam Holmes running Tagabea Pippin of Riverrush, battled it out in the remaining rounds. Wyton Partridges invited a small team of spaniel handlers who produced birds that would probably have not been seen without them. A solid team of guns shot well.
Peter Smith emerged the eventual winner with Adam Holmes taking a close second place. No other prizes were awarded.

The day concluded with competitors, guns, judges and helpers taking refreshments in the “love shack” – a fine and recently constructed shoot lodge that compliments the lovely facility that Wyton Partridges have built up. Our Thanks to Samantha and Jim for arranging the day and to their team of helpers for making us so welcome.

Results of the 2 Day Open Stake at the Emblehope Estate, Northumberland
9 & 10th October

1st Paul Truby with Sandicliffe Jude of Millershook.
2nd Wayne Mitchell with Kelmagra Banble of Labdom.
3rd Dawn Scott with Diglake Jasmin.
4th Paul Hasneey with Whitelass Buzzard of Tattney
COM  Amy Bates with Levenghyl Rock and Roll.

Photo shows from left. Head Gamekeeper Raymond Holt and his wife Ann. Judges Graham Jones, KeithHeliwell, Brian Barker. Alan Lord. Winner Paul Truby, 2nd Wayne Mitchell. JUdge Mick Newsam. 3rd Dawn Scott. 4th Paul Hasney & COM Amy Bates

Results of the 16 dog Novice Field Trial held at Wykeham, North Yorkshire 
Tuesday 24th October

The winner was Helen Burnie. with Abottshall Haweye of Copperburn (Golden Retriever )
There were no others placed but 3 COM’s
1 Philip Dyson with Hawsgarth Osprey
2 Any Brooks with Janfran Pavlova
3 Stephanie Smith with Snowdell Spender

Downe Estates very generously invited us to run this trial and also provided the estate keepers and some shoot staff as guns. The Downe Arms Hotel were kind enough to provide an early breakfast for those competitors staying overnight and that allowed judges to meet at the hotel for a civilised start.

The weather was not so civilised and Steward of the Beat, Matt Steadman delayed the start by an hour to prove the weather forecast accurate. We started under clear bright sky. With competitors from Scotland, West Sussex, Sweden and Yorkshire, enjoying a slow start, building progressively to a very competitive finish. Guns shot accurately and safely, and displayed knowledge and interest in the dog work.

Panel Judges, Glyn Coupar, Phillipa Williams gave non panel judges every opportunity to gain experience and maintained control of some tricky but sporting ground.

1st Prize and Guns Choice was awarded to Abbotshall Hawkeye of Copperburn. Owned and handled by Helen Burnie. 2,3,4 prizes were not given but Philip Dawson, Andy Brooke and Stephanie Smith were all awarded COMs. All very well deserved and received in the sporting spirit that Three Ridings enjoys so much.