Field Trials

Field Trials

  1. The trials shall be run under Kennel Club rules and be conducted in accordance with Field Trial Regulations
  2. The trials are open to Any Variety Retriever as defined in Kennel Club RegulationsJ2c
  3. The trials are as defined in Kennel Club Regulations J2d (1,2 & Members have priority in the draw.
  4. Members may make separate entries for each Novice or All Aged Stakes but having been successful in one will rank below unsuccessful members in the draw for the second Novice or All Aged Stakes
  5. Withdrawals after the draw will be treated in accordance with regulation J6e
  6. No substitutions will be allowed
  7. Entries can be made via FTMS (preferred), email or phone. Pay via FTMS, BACs Three Ridings Labrador Club ac no. 24336710 sort code 05-04-14 or direct at Yorkshire Bank using the account details. All payments to be made referencing competitor name and date of the event. Due to Covid-19 restrictions we are unable to accept paper entries.
  8. All attendees are required to complete a Covid-19 Self Declaration Form – this forms part of the entry process.
  9. The Self Declaration forms will be retained by the Covid-19 Officer Dr Mollie Lord, backed up on FTMS to be made available if an attendee develops Covid-19 symptoms within 2 weeks of attending the event.
  10. As per KC recommendation Competitors are required to provide their own numbers, these do not have to be armbands but must be clearly visible.
  11. Competitors must read the club Covid-19 Infection Control Protocol
  12. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 in 2020 the club cannot allow spectators at events.
  13. All trophies are held for one year, engraved at the winner’s expense and it is their responsibility to return the trophies, cleaned, to the Field Trial Secretary in good time or next year’s trials
  14. The club reserves the right to refuse entries
  15. Should circumstances so dictate, the club, in consultation with the judges, may alter arrangements as necessary. Such changes and the circumstances surrounding them must be reported to The Kennel Club at the earliest opportunity
  16. No modification will be made to this schedule except by permission of The Kennel Club, followed by advertisements in the appropriate journals if time permits before closing of entries
  17. The order of running will be the order drawn and the draw will be sent to Competitors via email. Those competitors without internet access will be telephoned the draw details.
  18. There will be no running cards on the day, the order of running will be available to see on an A3 Flip Chart.

         Please click here for the club’s Guidance Notes for Field Trials & Working Tests


    All held under Kennel Club Licence and Rules
Our sport has never been more popular or competitive. Gaining Field Trial grounds is difficult and running the events is expensive. Novice handlers and their dogs are asked to give real consideration to their personal experience and that of their dog, before entering. The club encourages new responsible members to enter

The Kennel Club offers the following advice.
Have you read and do you understand the J Regs fully. Has your dog worked on live game before? Is your dog steady to fall, shot and watching other dogs retrieve? Does your dog have any eliminating faults? We all experience disappointment’s. The club has over 400 working members and it’s not unusual for a field trial entry to run into 3 figures. To everyone who has answered the above questions positively- The Club wishes you good luck in our draws. The club prefers entry by FTMS but will accept paper entry by surface mail.
Click here for the club’s Covid-19 Infection Control Protocol and Health a Safety statement   Click here to download copy of Covid 19 – Self Declaration Form

It is mandatory that all entrants read the clubs Covid 19 protection protocol on the club website before making the decision to enter. The Clubs preferred entry and payment method is via FTMS. We can accept entry by e mail  or even telephone to Alan J Lord on 01765620421 –  Payment should be by bank transfer to Yorkshire Bank.  Three Ridings Labrador Club. Sort Code. 05-04-14. Account number 24336710. If you must pay by cheque then it must be sent by post to Alan J Lord FT Sec, with your name & the date sent written on the back of the envelope.

A non- refundable nomination fee of £3 must be paid in order to enter the draw.
The Entry fee for all this year’s trials is £40 and this must be paid 8 days before the event.

  It will not be possible to provide hot drinks or food at any of our Field Trials. Competitors must bring their own.


December 7th 2020. 12 dog Open at Checkley Wood Shoot, Cheshire.
THE WINNER OF THIS TRIAL WILL NOT QUALIFY FOR ANY IGL RETRIEVER CHAMPIONSHIP. The KC have confirmed that the winner may qualify as FTCH.  The club will be running a 2 day qualifying stake in 2021

Click here to download entry form


 December 8th 2020. 12 Dog Novice at Checkley Wood Shoot, Cheshire.

The club prefers entry by FTMS and full details are now posted and also available on the club website.

Click here to download entry form