Working Results 2015

Working Results 2015

All our working events are very kindly sponsored by Skinners 

Working Test for Open Dogs
Rosedale/Westerdale EState
(By kind permission of Mr David Ross)
Sunday 24th May 2015 

The club held its first Working test of the year on the Rosedale / Westerdale estate by kind permission of Mr David Ross.
Head keeper Mr Jimmy Clough led our convoy of vehicles across the moor to an area of “White Ground “below the heather so we did not disturb the Grouse.
This type of ground is notoriously difficult with large patches of “sieves” or rushes and distractions provided by a healthy rabbit population. Ideal ground for Open dogs though a few of our members were brave enough to give novice dogs a run and with good effect.
The first and second rounds were run before lunch and saw competitors reduced from 22 to 12. The low point of the morning however occurred when sadly a dog being bitten by an Adder. The owner did not see the snake but fortunately recognised the symptoms and the dog was quickly with a vet who administered anti venom.
Lunch was taken in front of one of the lunch huts and our photo shows a very happy 3 Ridings crew enjoying some much needed spring sunshine.

Judges Dave Sidwell, Mick Newsome and Graham Stevenson raised the bar in the 3rd and 4th rounds with dogs being required to complete some long retrieves on both seen and blinds. The standard was high and eliminations were slow .Seven dogs were taken to a run off.
Eventual winner was Brendan Kelly with his lab dog Broad Bog Billy. Second was June Brockelsby running her Lab bitch Anna Perenna of Oakshot and third was George Longden with his Lab dog, Greenbriar Wyre at Annsfarm. Certificates of Merit were awarded to John Day and Jimmy Swindlehurst, and Stewart North.
Brendan gave his thanks to host and judges and helpers, and Mick Newsom complemented the competitors on their overall standard. Competitors had travelled from as far away as Conway and Leicester .All felt the ground and the test had been fantastic. The weather was good and the drive off the moor gave views of splendid countryside as only North Yorkshire can!
I have since been advised that the vet confirmed the adder bite and the dog has responded well to treatment and is currently eating and exercising as normal.

Alan Lord
FT Secretary

Many thanks to Mollie Lord & Max Furnandiz for the following images

l-r front June Brockelsby with Anna Perenna of Oakshot (2nd), Brendan Kelly with Broad Bog Billy (1st), George Longden with Greenbriar Wyre at Annsfarm (3rd)
l-r back  Stuart North (COM), Jimmy Swindlehurst (Highly Com.), judges: Dave Sidwell, Mick Newsome & Graham Stevenson, and John Day (Highly Com.)

Working Test for Novice Dogs
Gill Rudding Grange
Escrick, York
(By kind permission of Mr G Atkinson)
Sunday 21st June 2015

Many thanks to Mollie Lord for the following images

l-r (front) Annette Clarke with Castlemans Gobbi of Garronpoint (2nd) & Stauntonvale Pink Moon of Garonpoint (3rd), Sandra Ellis with Annsfarm Adder (4th), Gordon Hodgson with Garragill Ripple (1st) and Alan Lord FT secretary/judge. Rear: judges Phil Smithies, David Haycock and Peter Bates

Club President Mr John Jewitt presenting the winner with his award















































Open Working Test
Naburn Lodge Farm
Naburn, York
Sunday 12th July 2015
(by kind invitation of Mr & Mrs R Jewitt)

Judges: Mr G Couper, Mr G Hay & Mr L Hartis

pictured r-l President John Jewitt, FT secretary Alan Lord, judges Lee Hartis, Gordon Hay & Glynn Couper, host Roger Jewitt, Dave Sidwell with Preston Oscar (1st), Polly Gibb with Killyrudden Faeroe (2nd), Mark Demnain with Leacaz Ricky of Cayton Fell (3rd), Philippa Williams with FT Ch Tweedshot Thistle of Levenghyl (4th) and Jim Swindlhurst (COM)

Rain stopped play at Wimbledon that afternoon but the sun shone on the righteous who had clearly put in many hours of training before running in this event.
Judges Glynn Coupar, Gordon Hay and Lee Hartis, all travelled south to spend a day in well grown fodder beet under the ownership and husbandry of Mr Roger Jewitt. This model farm has been generous to the club for many years and it was typical of Roger to get involved with the test and presentations. Very well done for a man who is himself a Sheepdog Judge !
The event was well supported by 35 members and the judges took time and care to plan the running of the day which ran into four rounds giving competitors the opportunity of 5 progressively more difficult retrieves.
The final round required dogs to remain steady whilst a simulated drive took place as a distraction. They were then sent for a 90 meter blind through a gap in a hedge across a deep dyke and on into well grown potatoes. All dogs in the final round completed, leaving Judges to compare books.
Three dogs were required to run off all with a score of 92 from a possible 100.
This speaks volumes for the quality of dogs and handlers competing in our current program of working tests. Bring on the Field Trials !
Final result- 1st Dave Sidwell, 2nd Polly Gibb who I wish to stress ran a Chocolate Lab !
3rd Mark Demain and 4th Pippa Williams. Jimmy Swindlehurst was awarded a deserved COM.

Highlights of the day ?
Having enough helpers to allow me to watch a WT without having to do a real job – Thanks to you all.
Jennifer Hay who stepped up as dog steward and trained one of our committee in that gentle art. Very much appreciated.
The membership, who wished Judges good morning with a handshake, and did the same again at the end of the day. Long may this tradition continue !
A very generous host to whom we extend our gratitude.

Alan J Lord
FT Sec 3Rs



Working Test for Novice Dogs
Skipster Hagg
Sunday 9th August 2015
(by kind invitation of Mrs A Procope)
In memory of the late Fred Procope

Judges: Sue Lowe & Julie Campbel

pictured l-r Russell Brook with Willowyck Nuthatch (COM), Julie Campbel (judge), Sandra Ellis with Annsfarm Alder (2nd), Phil Smithies with Warpersmoss Leaf (1st), Paul Duncan with Diamond Pickpocket (COM), Sue Lowe (judge) and Janet Botterill with Rowfant Rhapsody (COM)

Our judges Sue Low and Julie Campbel took the opportunity of a very low entry to turn the day into a very enjoyable and successful club event. With only 12 entries all competitors were given a minimum of 3 retrieves but if a dog committed a disqualifying fault the handler was advised of it and allowed to complete the 3 retrieves, but not go on to the third round.

In the final round only three dogs completed one of which was run non competition so judges were only able to award Phil Smithies first and Sandra Ellis second. Paul Duncan, Janet Botterill and Russell Brooke all received certificates of merit.

Lunch was taken in lovely summer weather and it would have been easy to sit out the afternoon in the sun. When the Judges and the victorious Team Smithies offered to do a training session however, dogs were soon out of the cars and club members were invited to discuss problems and were given retrieves to help overcome them.

A nice end to our series of working tests and a good time to say Thank You to all who have helped.

Alan J Lord

                                 2 Day Open Field Trial
                                       Hy Fly Game
                                    Poulton Le Fylde
8th & 9th October 2015

Judges: Kevin Brady, Roger Kyte, Mick Newsham & Peter Spencer

1st: Shamanthi Shanker with Fenhart Opal of Baronsbridge
2nd: Nathan Laffy with Greenbriar Siege
3rd: Wendy Glue with Tayforswoods Saruman
COM: Mr K Broomfield with Lamlodge Matador

pictured l-r  Shamanthi Shanker with Fenhart Opal of Baronsbridge (1st), Kevin Brady (judge) Wendy Glue with Tayforswoods Saruman (3rd), Peter Spencer (judge), Mr K Broomfield with Lamlodge Matador (COM), Mick Newsham (judge), Nathan Laffy with Greenbriar Siege (2nd) and FT Secretary Alan Lord

War of the Roses ?

The Three Ridings Labrador Club only had our traditional Yorkshire ground available for one day this year,so had to declare a truce of the War of the Roses and ran a Two Day Open Qualifying Field Trial at Hy Fly Game Farm, Poulton Le Fylde, Lancashire, on October 8th and 9th 2015.
The opening morning saw a team of six guns led by Captain, Steve Burns, the judges Kevin Brady, Roger Kyte, Mick Newsam and Peter Spenser, with only nineteen of the twenty four entrants ready to run at the 9.00am start. Mobile phones were hot with news of a major RTA on the motorway and after announcing a delay stewards and judges were able to use first reserve and substitutes available and run a full card with a 10.00am start. A nightmare start for any FT Sec, but made easier by the support and patience of everyone. Thank you all!
The trial enjoyed a plentiful supply of game thanks to Head Keeper and Steward of the Beat Kevin Hughes, who kept the line straight as it worked several fields of beet. Lancashire could not have made us more welcome!
First Dog Down eliminations are always painful. Annette Clark made it to the trial at 9.50, ran at number one for a quick FDDE and emerged from the line with the bravest smile ever. Typical 3Rs sportsmanship, good for you Nette.
Day one concluded at 4.00pm. Judges took forward six dogs for day two and agreed to delay the start until 09.30. This allowed Nathan Laffy to finish his work on the night shift and run on to the final round. Now that’s commitment, and good judging.
Every trial needs a strong team to run the day. It’s fantastic how consistent those few club helpers are, they were also supported by volunteers from Hy Fly. One new club member, Jason Barnes, watched his first ever field trial on day one and then found himself as a Steward on day two !
The final result after two hours running, saw Miss Shamanthi Shanker take first place with Fenhart Opal of Baronsbridge, Nathan Laffy second with Greenbriar Seige, and Wendy Glue Third, with Tayforwoods Saruman. Keith Broomfield was awarded a well deserved COM running Lamlodge Matador.
Thanks to Joyce and Phil for organising the well received catering over the event, and your continuing support. A nice even trial, well supported, and with Club membership growing by almost 20% over the last year. Please do visit our website.


24 Dog Novice Trial
Wykeham, Scarborough
27th October 2015

(by kind permission of Wykeham Estate)
Judges: Jennifer Hay, Phil Smithies, Steve Crooks & Dave Benson
1st: Glyn Sykes with Brocklebank Marsh of Livercroft
2nd: Ian Palmer with Marhystin King
3rd: Judges declined to award 3rd as 3 dogs tied
COM: Ann Nrell
Bitte Sjoblom
          Neil Mercer
l-r Judges Jennifer Hay, Steve Crooks, Dave Benson & Phil Smithies: winner Glyn Sykes with Brocklebank Marsh of Livercroft, second Ian Palmer with Marhystin King: COMs Neil Mercer, Anne Nerell & Bitte Sjoblom: 3rd right Alan Lord (FT sec), 2nd right Matthew Steadman (Steward of The Beat) with his team of guns
Team Sweden: l-r Sara Wallgren, Anne Nerell, Bitte Sjoblom & Ann-Maj Hjelm

 Competitors had put in far too much training with their dogs to consider anything other than winning the event. My own ambition was simply that everyone should enjoy the day and the company, and so it proved !
3Rs has members in Scandinavian, Europe and a recently one in the USA.
The draw saw Sweden being lucky with Bitte Sjoblom and Ann Nerell running litter mates bred by Ann and supported by two more members who had made the trek south. Club members applauded their commitment and also gave them a proper Yorkshire welcome. Well done 3 Rs.
Steward of the Beat, Matt Steadman, has a massive 5 days a week shooting programme this year. It is incredibly generous of Wykeham Estates to invite us to run a Trial with them, both in terms of game being shot and the time we absorb of their shooting staff. This was recognised by all who spoke during the proceedings and presentations, and rightly so.
Weather conditions were good, all Judges and Competitors were prompt at the meet and we left on foot, without the need to move vehicles – what a pleasure. A slow start soon progressed into some serious action as we encountered ducks mixed in with Pigeons, Pheasants and Partridge. Competitors were delighted at the absence of Hares !
The Scandis established their position quickly in the first round.
One or two mandatory eliminations in the first round were not untypical of a novice trial and members accepted the judge’s very fair decisions, and took them on the chin. Well done ! I know personally, how hard that is!
Our trial continued for a full 3 rounds, 2 retrieves in the first, one in the second, and the final round being a small drive that gave the gallery a fine view of all the action, and competitors being given a level playing field. The guns shot out of their skins!   I must acknowledge that this team killed some seriously high birds to produce challenging retrieves.  I am sometimes concerned at birds being shot at extreme ranges. If my personal concerns were to be considered, then they were totally settled by the commitment and efficiency of the official Picker Up who was also declared Man of the Match this was loudly applauded by everyone at our conclusion. Wykeham have a solid man and we thank you Nev
Judges Phil Smithies, Steve Crooks, Dave Benson, & Jennifer Hay faced tough decisions and made them. Competitors accepted the tough with the sweet. Some competitors who needed to move off early, were polite enough to offer apologies for not being able to stay. This is always very much appreciated after we have spent more than a little time organising an event   – thank you.
The Estate were kind enough to provide transport back to the meet where most of the entrants were present. What a fitting end to a great days sport.
Thank you Wykeham Estates and well done 3Rs- a great end to our 2015 season of Field Trials.
Well done Neil,  Ann, Bitte, and Team Sweden, we hope to see you back in Yorkshire again.

As Mollie and I left Wykeham we discussed who was the most Happy – The Skandis? The Judges? The competitors? The Helpers?  Whoever it may have been, a close second would certainly be me. As Field Trial Secretary this is a good time to say thanks to everyone – Judges, helpers, competitors, for all your support this season.
The end of a progressive season for 3Rs. We continue to grow in membership and ambition.

Please do watch the website. Support all the clubs activities, most especially get involved in Field Trial Management System. This allows on line entries for Working Tests and Field Trials. The club can only benefit from this, and so can the members if we remain progressive. We will not disadvantage those who wish to remain with postal entries. We will be working with other northern based clubs and will offer a FTMS seminar so everyone can get involved.

In the meantime I hope all members enjoy a great shooting season.
Alan J Lord
FT Sec. 3 Rs.
01765 620 421