Gundog Training

Training Classes 2018

Allerton Park
Wednesday 18th April
Wednesday 2nd May
Wednesday 16th May

Directions: Meet at the rear entrance just over the bridge  HG5 0SE


Ribston Park
Wednesday 30th May
Wednesday 13th June
Wednesday 27th June

 Directions: Meet at the rear of THE BRIDGE in Walshford LS22 5HS  and we will be escorted into the park (LS22 4EZ)


Training classes start at 7:00pm

£5.00 per session


Working Test Training Day at Studley Royal 22nd April 2018
Meet at The Pheasantries, Fountains Abbey, HG4 3DY. 09.00hrs
Trainers. Alan Brentnal, Phil Smithies, Steve Foreman. + additional if entries demand. The purpose of our day is to make the best use of beautiful ground with a wide variety of many static retrieves. Oh and to enjoy a great venue in the company of good trainers. Every day is a school day!
Entry Fee for a great days training is £15
To download an entry form click here




 Training  Day
Sunday 10th May 2015

Three Ridings Labrador Club  held a Training Day in the beautiful Spar Gill on Studley Roger /Fountains Abbey Estate  by kind permission of Head keeper Andrew Richards and Sporting owner Mr J Fenton
The trainers  Arthur Hewer and Alan Brentnall gave generous and constructive advice to the 12 members and 15 dogs  who enjoyed the challenging and varied tests afforded by the many different opportunities in the Gill. These included the little river Skell , some rabbit fencing and steep banks with mixed cover .
The bluebells were stunning and the sun shone through out so everyone, including spectators had a great day.
Even the most inexperienced dogs succeeded on completing a mixture of seen and blind retrieves over the Skell.
Memory tests went well but retrieves over the rabbit fence and into medium dense cover more proved more testing.
The day ended with a walk up exercise in front of the ruined Victorian Spar .
3RLC wishes to extend a special thank you to the excellent dummy thrower, Stuart Bostock, who bravely tackled barbed wire fences and steep banks to reach the best spots to place the dummies thus making an  invaluable contribution to the day .

 Mollie Lord

Many thanks to Mollie Lord & Max Furnandiz for the following images