Field Trials

Field Trials

1.   The trials shall be run under Kennel Club rules and be conducted in accordance with
Field Trial Regulations.
2.   The trials are open to Any Variety Retriever as defined in Kennel Club Regulations
J2c (1)
3.   The trials are as defined in Kennel Club Regulations J2d (1,2 & 3)
4.   Members have priority in the draw. Members may make separate entries for each
Novice or All Aged Stakes but having been successful in one will rank below
unsuccessful members in the draw for the second Novice or All Aged Stakes
5.   Withdrawals after the draw will be treated in accordance with regulation J6e
6.   No substitutions will be allowed
7.   If paying by cheque, separate cheques please for each entry and each registration fee
8.   All trophies are held for one year, engraved at the winner’s expense and it is their
responsibility to return the trophies, cleaned, to the Field Trial Secretary in good time
for next year’s trials
9.   The club reserves the right to refuse entries
10. Should circumstances so dictate, the club, in consultation with the judges, may
alter arrangements as necessary. Such changes and the circumstances surrounding
them must be reported to The Kennel Club at the earliest opportunity
11. No modification will be made to this schedule except by permission of The Kennel
Club, followed by advertisements in the appropriate journals if time permits before
closing of entries
12. The order of running will be the order drawn and the draw will only be sent to those
who supply a SAE
13. The date, time and location of the meet will be included with the draw results

Please click here for the club’s Guidance Notes for Field Trials & Working Tests



The Three Ridings Labrador Club. Gundog working Schedule for 2018/19
As well as summer evening training classes the club intends 6 summer events and four Field trials. Members will appreciate that this requires the appointment of 40 Judges, and discussions with host estates who are kind enough to allow us to run on their ground. We wish to appraise the membership of our planning prior to the AGM but cannot include full details at this time. They will be made available to all members ASAP, and advised to the Kennel Club.


2 day, 24 Open Dog Field Trial, to be held at Everingham Park and Drewton/Bransby Estates October 8th & 9Th 2018.
Meet at Everingham Park , Everingham, York. YO42 4JA. 09.00hrs
The winner to qualify for the IGL Retriever Championship. To be held this year on different grounds each day. The manager of the shoot has confirmed the new KC requirement that grounds conform to the Code of Good Shooting Practice. The clubs flagship event. We anticipate our annual record entry being beaten, once again!

Judges. Gilly Nickols, Kevin Doughty, Tom Lowe, Pippa Williams.
Entry fee £60 plus £3 nomination fee.

To download an entry form click here


Wykeham Estate. October 2018. 16 dog All aged stake.
To qualify dogs must have achieved a qualification in a previous Field Trial.
The club is most grateful to Downe Estates providing the ground and game for so many years.
Dates and Judges will be provided asap.


December 2018. East Grange Farm. Thorganby. 16 dog Novice Field Trial.
Mr Ralf Coward has kindly agreed to host our second trial at this very good ground. We will have final details available regarding the estate and judging team quite soon.
Entry fee will be £40 pus £3 nomination fee.


January 2019.

We are in discussions with a Yorkshire estate who would like to host a 12 dog novice event in the New Year. They certainly have superb trialling ground, but we cannot be critical of them currently taking a very well earned post shoot season holiday. Entry fee £40 plus £3 nomination fee.


Entry Forms will be available on the website. The club is pleased to accept entries by FTMS or by surface mail.


Members will recognise that the club provides a wide schedule of working events, but may also wish to view the clubs financial position. As a breed club, we provide a wide program of events, training, health checks, shows, working tests and field trials. We are not a show club nor are we a Field trail Society. We are The Three Ridings Labrador Club, who are stronger as a breed club than we could be as stand-alone show and field trial clubs. We just forgot to invite you to look at the accounts. Please do!